Facial Harmony

A deep state relaxation technique

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How does it work?

Facial Harmony is a gentle, safe, supportive and deep physiological and emotional relaxation. A non-invasive treatment which works specifically to relax and re-energise the whole body. Whilst in a deep state of relaxation, old mental and emotional patterns can be released.

Through gentle sensitive touch applied to the face, head and neck an overall release of tension is experienced in the nervous system. The practitioner gently touches the skin on the face, head and neck of the client releasing held tensions and connecting the “meridian” pathways to bring these back into balance…


Our face holds the joys and sorrow of life. We live at a hectic pace, rarely allowing time for ourselves; this can lead to stress and “overload”. Much of our stress, traumas, emotional tension may be locked into the muscles and tissues and lines of our face. Corresponding stress may also be held in our bodies. Facial Harmony connects you back to your inner essence, your innate way of being, expressing a calm radiance and greater enthusiasm for life. When the skin is gently touched, messages are sent to the central nervous system and brain which respond by relaxing, revitalising, and re-energising. As the inner patterns of constriction dissolve, it leaves the face looking fresh, alive and stress free as the mirror of our inner world. This can have a major impact on our well being.

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“Revealing who you truly are can be a joyful experience. Releasing yourself from the burdens of conditioning and limiting beliefs, you uncover and actualise the beauty and great potential that already exists within your own heart.”

What can Facial Harmony do for you? – find out

Sue Dawson has had many hundreds of clients who benefit from Facial Harmony as a balm to the frenetic pace of everyday life. Many find this treatment profoundly calming, nurturing and re-balancing. It can release stress and toxins, improve skin and muscle tone by stimulating and increasing blood circulation.

“Some clients have reported that it reduces and softens lines and wrinkles, reduces puffiness and fluid retention around the eyes; reduces tension-induced sinus discomfort.” Tanmayo Lawson, founder of Facial Harmony

Testimonials from my clients include:

“I find Facial Harmony to be an extremely relaxing process. I do notice a real physical difference in the overall tone and lustre of my skin as well as a softening of any lines. The sessions are both enjoyable and beneficial.”

For optimum results, seven x one hour sessions one or two weeks apart are recommended. The program has a far reaching cumulative effect with the face reflecting changes in both the inner and outer world.

Facial Harmony is recognised

People around the world have been using Facial Harmony for over 20 years.

After learning it from the founder, Tanmayo Lawson, http://www.facialharmony.com, Sue has used Facial Harmony to support her clients in times of stress and distress, as well as an ongoing support for living.

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