Therapeutic Touch

An intentionally directed energy exchange for healing

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How does Therapeutic Touch work?

Therapeutic Touch (TT) is a contemporary healing modality involving the intentionally directed process of energy exchange during which the practitioner uses their hands to facilitate healing (NHPAI, 1999). Therapeutic Touch has been researched since its development in the 1970’s and has been shown to offer:

  • profound relaxation
  • reduction of pain, stress and anxiety
  • induce deep relaxation
  • acceleration of the healing response
  • promote personal growth

Therapeutic Touch assists you toward a state of free and balanced energy flow and so promotes your innate ability to heal. It can be used effectively alone or combined with other therapeutic approaches, including Kinesiology. Therapeutic Touch complements orthodox medical and health care practice.

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Therapeutic Touch Session With Teenage Girl


Therapeutic Touch is based on the fundamental assumption that there is a universal life energy that sustains all living organisms. Interruptions to the flow and balance of this energy result in impaired wellbeing and eventually illness. Therapeutic Touch seeks to restore and rebalance the rhythmical patterns and transfer energy to the individual, creating an environment within which the body’s healing process is naturally accelerated (Krieger, 1993).

For instance, recent research has demonstrated that pulses of electro-magnetic energy are emitted from the hands of the TT practitioner at a frequency which has been demonstrated to stimulate bone and tissue healing. These findings support TT research which has shown that healing of fractures (callus formation) can be accelerated from 6 to 2 weeks (Dossey, 1993; Hall, 1998; Krieger, 1993; Oschman, 2000, 2003).

What can Therapeutic Touch do for you?

The practice of Therapeutic Touch is distinctive in the emphasis upon the conscious use of compassionate intent combined with the ability to enter a profoundly centered or meditative state.

“It is from this state of inherent balance and focused healing intent that the practitioner is able to locate imbalances in the energy field, facilitate a symmetrical and rhythmical flow of energy through the field and evaluate the recipient’s energy field to ascertain the level of balance achieved”

Therapeutic Touch is recognised

Therapeutic Touch was developed in 1972 by Professor Emeritus of Nursing Dolores Krieger PhD, and natural healer, Dora Kunz, as an extension of professional skills for health care practitioners.

Initially Professor Krieger taught Therapeutic Touch to nurses completing their masters and doctoral studies at New York University. From there TT expanded to a variety of health professionals including doctors, psychologists, counsellors, occupational therapists, physiotherapists, ambulance personnel, carers, massage therapists and now is taught in the community for use with family and animal care. TT has since extended world wide and is practiced in over 80 countries including Canada, UK, New Zealand and Australia in mainstream and complementary health care, as well as in the home and workplace.

Sue Dawson trained with originators Dolores (Dee) Kreiger and prominent TT researcher Janet Quinn and others to gain her skills and competence. Sue has taught Therapeutic Touch at universities, hospitals and privately.

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