Grief, Despair, Life Pain or Learning Difficulties

Death, loss, or rejection may bring pain, grief or even despair. Grief forces us to reshape our reality. The grieving process is a natural and adaptive response to loss, though it can be a difficult journey. Despair can be experienced as desolation and hopelessness, manifesting as apathy, stagnation, and general malaise in life and relationships. Symptoms of grief and loss may be held in the body over many years. Somatic Psychotherapy offers a safe and caring way to navigate this path of pain, grief, suffering, and despair. Exploration of your experience enables you to process your grief and loss, gain important insights about your life and relationships and honour your own path to healing, understanding that there is no one right way or timeline.

Grief, Loss & Sadness

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The somatic experience of grief and loss can result in low energy, lack of vitality and lack of confidence, leading to melancholy and deep sadness

Grief and loss after the death of a significant other or loved one, or sudden loss (eg of job, role or income) is a natural and appropriate response. There are many supportive cultural, therapeutic and appropriate ways to enable this grief and loss to begin to heal.

However, symptoms of grief and loss many be held in your body over many years.

Sue studied with Mal McKissock ( and understands how grief and loss can impact your life. Working somatically, Sue can support you moving through the grieving process, and help you to understand and manage anniversaries, special dates and other times that for others are celebratory such as Christmas and holidays.

“Grief allows you to let go of something you’ve lost only when you begin to accept what you now have in its place”

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Despair and Melancholy - Depressed Woman

Despair and Melancholy

Feeling tired, nervous, unable to be calm or soothed, a sense of hopelessness, changes in appetite or weight, changes in sleep patterns, reduced libido, mood swings, suicidal thoughts, self harm, sadness that won’t go away, loss of interest (can’t be bothered), loss of pleasure in life, feeling restless or tired all the time.

“Mental life is an emergent, self-organising process of (this) embodied and relation flow of energy and information. The mind is not separate from our bodies or from our relationships – it both arises from them and it regulates them”

Somatic Psychotherapy, Kinesiology and Healing therapies work to support your body, mind and spirit in a caring supportive therapeutic relationship.

Life Pain – Physical, Mental, Emotional

“Indeed the parts of our brain that process physical pain overlap with the neural centres that record social ruptures and rejection”

“Health emerges from a balanced and coordinated brain, empathetic and connected relationships and a coherent and resilient mind”
(Siegel 2012)

Pain can result from more than physical causes

Many people have nerve pain or back pain that is not amenable to pure physical or chemical interventions. Sue’s research (1999) found that physical mental and emotional pain was significantly reduced for clients in her study using a somatic and integrative approach.

Portrait of a Troubled Woman - Life Pain
Learning Difficulties - Bored Boy
Learning Difficulties and Difficulty Achieving Goals

“The brain cells [in the pre-frontal cortex] form the furthest extension of the nervous system which (can) control the nervous system.”

Dyslexia, ADHD, memory problems – all have a somatic as well as neurological aspect. The latest neuroscience research for extreme life events such as strokes has shown that the brain and body impact each other and that the “brain is able to be changed – and to change itself” Doige (2007) rather than remaining “hard-wired,” giving hope to all who live with learning difficulties.

Stress and feeling overwhelmed can affect your ability to learn. Gaining Insights about previously stressful learning situations and re-framing them (using brain integration techniques and exercises) has been found to improve the capacity to learn, remember and have the confidence to begin to explore new goals.

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