My Approach

How I can help you

As a qualified holistic health practitioner, I bring ethics and compassion into how and when each modality is integrated into the work I do with my clients.

Please contact me for a free 15 minute call about how my work can support you during these challenging times.

My approach supports your uniqueness and the energy of who you truly are and is supported by recent body-mind research (Buirski & Haglund) which indicates that it is in a safe and supportive relationship, that change can happen.

At Emotional WellBeing Centre (EWC) I offer you a safe, non judgemental, respectful and intersubjective alliance, in which we explore what is happening for you and what you would like to have instead.

I work with a well-researched modality called “Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT)”. It is a powerful form of therapy that brings lasting results for couples.

Talking together, gaining awareness of your mind and body and what triggers you.

Biofeedback illuminates non conscious behaviours and beliefs that underlie distress, impact on your relationships and prevent you from achieving your goals.

A profound healing for pain and symptoms of anxiety and distress.

Healing the real impact on you now, of unacknowledged relationships from the past.

A restoring and deep relaxation procedure for the head and neck that reduces stress and allows you to experience a whole body relaxation, calm and lightness.

Stimulating reflexes through the feet, hands and head that free up early developmental trauma.

Professional Endorsement of Emotional Wellbeing Centre

“There is no doubt in my mind that Sue has a thorough grasp of current approaches to working with complex trauma and that she supports her practice with an in depth knowledge of the physiological, neurological and psychological correlates of longstanding trauma. Her work with clients is careful and thorough and is totally grounded in the therapist-client relationship. Sue is constantly refining and expanding her skills … but never loses sight of the basic principles of psychotherapeutic work. Her many years of nursing stand her in good stead and have given her a common-sense and practical view of situations that only long experience and maturity can bring”

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