Relationships, Self-Worth, Sexuality or Birthing

We all need caring and supportive relationships to support our sense of self and enhance the quality of our lives. Research demonstrates that the quality of our relationships now, as well as our sense of self-worth is largely formed by our earliest childhood experiences and can form a multi-layered drama of relationship distress. Insights gained from exploring the connection and amount of safety experienced in your early and current attachment-based relationships, gives a clear roadmap to a way to forge the relationships you desire. Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT) enables you to be true to yourself and enhance your relationships. When relevant, we can explore sexuality issues leading to greater acceptance. Also we can enable you to feel supported at moments of peak experience such as birthing.

Relationship Issues

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Difficulties in primary relationship

Divorce, separation or lack of mutual respect, understanding or support

feeling burdened in your relationship by your or your partner’s activities and mental state, worries and concerns around children, money or intimacy.

Difficulties in family relationships

  • unresolved conflict or separation issues
  • step parenting and living in complex families
  • feeling put upon, frustrated,
  • feeling disconnected or indifferent

cuts you off from loving nurturing connections with people you love and care about.


Unresolved adoption issues for both child and parent, supporting individuals experiencing separation and loss through past adoption practices

Difficulties at Work

Dealing with professional and other relationships at work which may not be supportive.

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Self worth and self confidence issues

“The power rises from within – the harder you try the harder you struggle. Its wiser to let things come naturally. The power you have is like a magnetic force. You can pull to you whatever you want. in pushing, you tend to move things away from you”

Such issues can result in loneliness and confusion and being unable to commit to or maintain meaningful family or social relationships with associated feelings of rejection and shame.

This feelings can make it very difficult to reach out for what you would like to achieve in life. Everyday things can seem hard to manage and life goals can feel unobtainable.

Self care and self awareness allow you to have a deep appreciation of yourself so you can fill your own cup – so no longer looking to others as much for this – so you can engage more fully.

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Sexuality and intimacy

“In intimate relationships, attachment drives and defences are automatically and unconsciously evoked along with procedurally learned patterns from childhood”

Dealing with issues around sex, sexuality, sex life or sex role expectations,

Stan Tatkin stated,

“every person is wired for love differently with unique habits, needs, and reactions to conflict” Tatkin (2011).

Emotional Wellbeing Centre is “gay” friendly. Members of the LGBTIQ community (Gay, Lesbian, Bi, Transgender Intersex and Questioning) are most welcome.

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Birth, preparation for, recovery after

Difficulties in conceiving, infertility.

Apprehension around birth and birthing, lack of confidence and fear of adverse events. Feelings of fear, pain and fear of more pain. Once the fear and the fear of the pain are supported and managed, women can be far more empowered in birthing.

The distressing loss of a baby during or after the pregnancy, traumatic experiences in hospital or thereafter.

Dealing with forming a new family, stress around physical and emotional symptoms in the antenatal period, postpartum attachment and bonding issues.

Sue Dawson brings her many years of experience in supporting women and families in birth and in the post natal period. She offers education for childbirth, stress management, support in preparation for and after the birthing process.

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