Somatic Psychotherapy Melbourne by Sue Dawson

An integrated approach to counselling, psychotherapy and mindfulness

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How does it work?

Somatic Therapy encourages you to explore issues using the whole ‘body’ response as well as your conscious awareness. Thought, emotion and body awareness are experienced as inter-connected aspects of your whole being.

Somatic Psychotherapy offers the opportunity to soothe anger and distress, celebrate joys and achievements, unravel shame, make space for grief, help build tolerance for changing states of being, enhance resilience and the ability to trust and engage with others. This enables you to address deep seated concerns that take time to explore.

Somatic Psychotherapy - Triangle of Health
Somatic Psychotherapy Melbourne - Serious Man in Therapy Session


Through somatic Therapy, my clients gain greater insight into their triggers, their behaviours and how they can better manage these situations – without blame or fear – to gain more of what they desire in their lives.

The word somatic comes from the ancient Greek somat (body). The word psychology comes from the ancient Greek psyche (soul, mind) and logia (study). The belief that the psyche (the mind) and soma (the body) form a single entity (the mindbody) forms the basis for somatic therapy.

Somatic psychotherapy Melbourne can improve body awareness, relieve stress, balance the nervous system, mobilise posture and help you develop a sense of vitality, aliveness and movement. Using somatic techniques as the means for exploration, you are able to experience where spontaneity, creativity and deliberateness flow throughout your body and where flow might be suppressed.

So what is Somatic Therapy?

Somatic Psychotherapy is a comprehensive and holistic approach to personal growth and development. This approach acknowledges that the processes of the body/mind not only affect and reflect each other, but are inter-functioning aspects of your whole being, and that your individual experiences and reactions are inextricably interconnected.

Contemporary somatic therapists, working with the psycho-organic processes of emotion, sensation, desire, breath and a range of other bodily experiences, incorporates understandings of the complexities of human experience and consciousness.

Philosophical and theoretical assumptions as well as therapeutic practice derived from existential phenomenology, self psychology, intersubjectivity, dynamic systems theory, infant research and attachment theory, trauma theory as well as post modern and post structural thinking fundamentally shape and inform the theoretical basis of contemporary somatic therapy.

What can it do for you?

Sue and her clients explore issues of concern and how these are expressed in everyday life; in relationships and in the body. You can expect to be treated with empathy and respect and to be supported non-judgementally, while you explore your concerns, worries, fears and distress.

Consultations are usually at least once a week and last for 50-55 minutes. Psychotherapy is usually undertaken as a medium to longer term therapy.

You will learn new ways to recognise old patterns of behaviour and identify new ways of being that you can develop and to encourage the kinds of relationships you want in your life.


Somatic Psychotherapy is recognised by PACFA and ASPA.

Psychotherapy is not psychiatry and this practice is not recognised for Medicare rebates.

Some Medical Benefits funds provide some rebate.

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