List of Papers and Presentations

Title of Paper Author/s Publication Date
The Role of Verbal Communication in Kinesiology Practice Sue Dawson Australian Kinesiology Association Journal 2016
Poster Masters Research Vic Uni 1999: Assisting Healing by Reduction of Stress using Three In One Concepts Sue Dawson World Congress Chinese Medicine 2003
Creating New Pathways - Nurse Practitioner Role Sue Dawson Royal College of Nursing, Australia. 6th International Nurse Practitioner Conference. Melbourne 1998
Therapeutic Touch. A Healing Modality for the 21st Century Jane Hall & Sue Dawson Healing Spirit, Mind & Body. Gawler Conference 1998 1998
Therapeutic Touch. A Nurse Initiated Healing Modality Sue Dawson Nursing Review. 1998
How can energetic therapies be integrated to bridge the gap for midwives and women. Sue Dawson Ausmed 2nd Complementary Therapies Conference. 1998
Kinesiology - Balancing the body's energies (updated & reprinted from RCNA '95). Sue Dawson Diversity 12. Australian Complementary Health Association 1997
Health Naturally, More Choices & Kinesiology. A great Way to start. Sue Dawson Living Now. Jan. 1997
A research trail using MEND (Mental, Emotional, Neurological Defusion).
Three In One Concepts. An approach to healing through reduction of stress. Results of research currently being undertaken as part of Masters Degree - Health Science. Victoria University, Melbourne Sue Dawson 1997 National Kinesiology Kinesiology Conference. Melbourne. 1997
Kinesiology at Port Arthur. The effectiveness in reducing stress following trauma. Sue Dawson & Christine Shanahan 1997 National Kinesiology Conference. Melbourne. 1997
Kinesiology - A Key Complementary Therapy for our times Sue Dawson RCNA Pathways to Healing 9/95 Canberra 1995
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