Online Counselling Services for Individuals and Couples

I am an experienced Somatic Psychotherapist, Counsellor & Kinesiologist, and offer online therapy Australia wide, and in-person sessions in Eltham Victoria. My integrated Body-Mind approach supports you to find mental & emotional peace of mind.


Unfortunately Sue is unable to take any new clients at this time.

Welcome to the Emotional Wellbeing Centre

I believe we all have an innate ability; to heal, to experience new ways of being and to become more of who we truly are.

Are you stressed, depressed, anxious, feeling alone or overwhelmed?

As a Somatic Psychotherapist, Counsellor and Kinesiologist, I can help you with a gentle and caring approach to mental, emotional and physical health and well being.

Together we address how your issues are affecting you at a body-mind, and essential level. As a result of our work together you will –

  • feel better
  • improve your relationships
  • heal trauma
  • create wellbeing
  • more easily achieve your goals
Melbourne Counsellor Sue Dawson

Sue Dawson

MHSc GradDipHA DipSomPsych CertNursing
CertMidwifery PACFA Clinical

Couples Counselling Australia - Couple Embracing

Online Counselling for Couples

As a qualified couples counsellor, I offer couples support to understand, heal and enhance their emotional connection. Are you feeling misunderstood? Is there conflict where once there was love and fun?

Counselling for Women Australia - Smiling Woman

Online Therapy for Individuals

Together we address how your issues are affecting you at a body-mind and essential level. We discover patterns that no longer serve you, providing the freedom for you to gain more emotional wellbeing.

Face to Face Counselling

Want to see a counsellor face to face? With in-person appointments, I offer Somatic Psychotherapy, hands-on Kinesiology, Facial Harmony, Therapeutic Touch and Metamorphosis.


Counselling Melbourne - Sue Dawson Talking to a Counselling Client

How I Work

Each person is different, and may suffer from different issues, so rather than offer you a ‘prescribed’ or standard approach, I use my broad skills and experience to assess your individual needs and adapt how I work best with you. Talking together we discover patterns that no longer serve you, providing the freedom for you to gain more emotional wellbeing.

My clients tell me that the insights they gain in body, mind and spirit support their positive responses to stress, symptoms, pain and relationship issues.

You will feel better within yourself, “lighter” in your body, more connected, optimistic, rested, with a greater sense of self containment and calm in everyday situations.

I offer Emotionally Focused Therapy for Couples

Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT) is a powerful form of therapy that brings lasting results. EFT has been proven applicable to couples from many different cultural and demographic groups, ages and backgrounds. This may include individual partners suffering from disorders such as depression, post traumatic stress disorders and chronic illness.

Through the application of EFT principles, I aim for both parts of the whole to achieve mutual trust, understanding and emotional wellbeing in a way that empowers both partners to become their better selves — while healing and enhancing your emotional connection as a couple. I now offer EFT online for couples throughout Australia.

Marriage Counselling Australia - Married Couple in Counselling Session
Gayle Schaub
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"I feel so thankful that I found Sue, such an understanding compassionate person, helping me with her experience and care. To calm my mind, thoughts and to see things clearly. Thank you Sue so very much."
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"I find Facial Harmony to be an extremely relaxing process. I do notice a real physical difference in the overall tone and lustre of my skin as well as a softening of any lines. The sessions are both enjoyable and beneficial."
Melanie Nixon
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"I can't recommend Sue highly enough, she helped me enormously through a challenging time in dealing with a health diagnosis. Sue was recommended to me by a friend whose children were helped a great deal by seeing her. She is a very gifted practitioner and I would recommend her to anyone experiencing any kind of emotional stress in their lives."
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"You hold space so well, made me feel very comfortable sharing, and have already provided me with some valuable insights from just a few sessions. So thank you."

Do you suffer from any of the following? - Counselling can help you

Early or Unresolved Trauma, Abuse, Shame or Anger

Trauma can be healed safely and gently releasing memories and experiences, creating a secure positive experience of the now.

Relationships, Self-Worth, Sexuality issues & Birthing Support

To resolve difficulties in relationships, your struggle with self-worth or intimacy, give me a call to start your journey to emotional wellbeing.

Anxiety, Obsession, Eating Disorders or Life Changes

When everyday life leaves you feeling distressed and anxious – the first step is to get support. A qualified counsellor can help you!

Grief, Despair, Life Pain or Learning Difficulties

Grief can render us helpless and feeling truly alone, Somatic Psychotherapy offers a safe and caring way through this path of pain, suffering, and despair.