Kinesiologist Melbourne (Applied Kinesiology by Sue Dawson)

Directly addresses stress, emotional pain and trauma

How does Kinesiology work?
It is a way of accessing our deepest consciousness.

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Like an iceberg, there is a lot more below the surface of any individual than we show others.

Kinesiology uses gentle natural biofeedback to evaluate the specific stressors for the client and determine exactly what is needed to reduce that stress within the body-mind.

In traumatic and stressful situations or relationships we can go into fight, flight, or freeze, submit or attach (Fisher, 2014). This fear, pain and fear of more pain limits the thinking brains response and so we react in old patterns, cutting off access to creative options and self assurance when we need it most.

As an experienced Kinesiologist Melbourne I can offer online consultations (if you are uncomfortable with face to face) enabling you to to create new choices, behaviours and self talk.

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How does it work?

Kinesiology uses bio-feedback to identify these reactive patterns and then uses combined eastern and western healing techniques to release the energy, and re-balance at the conscious, subconscious and body levels of awareness.

This practice enables you to understand your patterns of behaviour and with this insight, effectively make positive new choices and changes. It also indicates what type of re-balancing technique will support you, as your priority.


Because the brain is wired to react rather than think when in traumatic situations or under stress. By dealing (gently and through IMC) with trauma and stress you reclaim your brain’s ability to choose what is right for you, regain your energy, your natural creativity and can be more successful in your relationships and achieving your life’s goals.

What can Kinesiology do for you?

My research (1999) indicated that in an average of 4 consultations with a registered Kinesiologist Melbourne, clients’ stress, associated pain, physical symptoms, interpersonal difficulties and interpersonal conflict reduced significantly. There was a significant improvement in energy levels and the clients reported increased self assurance from the additional behavioural choices they identified during the sessions.

Kinesiology is recognised

Kinesiology started when George Goodheart – an early Chiropractor – corrected physical symptoms by rubbing spinal reflex points. Subsequent investigations by people including Gordon Stokes and Daniel Whiteside identified links to emotions and behavioural genetics. There are now many branches of Kinesiology including Three In One Concepts and Touch for Health that integrate an understanding of physical reactive patterns, emotional behaviours, Chinese meridians, use of essences, scents and sounds.

Sue Dawson is a registered advanced Kinesiologist Melbourne with the Australian Kinesiology Association. She has twenty-five years of internationally recognised experience and over 1000 hours of training. She has also taught Three In One Concepts and Touch For Health for over 20 years in Australia by the Australian Kinesiology Association (AKA)

A number of Health Benefit Funds provide some rebates for Kinesiology.

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